After collecting all information on the level of danger (Step 1: Observe) and deciding which intervention should be implemented (Phase 2: Decide), an intervention can be put in place to manage the suicidal episode (Phase 3: Act).

Objectives of the intervention

Intervening with a suicidal person aims to:

  • Ensure the person’s safety
  • Prevent the act
  • Strengthen hope
  • Decrease the risk of future suicidal act
  • Strengthen protective factors
  • Reduce risk factors

Answers to the assessment questions above make it possible to evaluate the person’s needs and to decide on an intervention plan whose intensity is adapted to the person’s needs and characteristics.

Icone outilsSeveral tools are available in the document Managing the suicidal episode, including illustrated social scenarios to explore suicidal ideations, ambivalence, hope and much more. The proposed tools are specifically tailored for persons with ID and/or ASD.
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